The Dangerousness of MobilePhones Electromagnetic Waves

For a long time we talk about the possible damage caused by the cellphone to our brain.

So far, there was no connection between mobile phones and brain tumors but recently in Italy the Ivrea Court’s ruling has linked a benign tumoric pathology to the protracted cell phone use in phone conversations.
The section of the Tribunal of Ivrea, with its judgment no. 96 of 30/03/2017, established “a causal link between brain tumor and cellular use for Mr. Romeo, employee of the company TELECOM: permanent biological damage “; and condemned INAIL (National Institute for Insurance Against Injuries at Work)  for the payment of a survivor’s earnings-related illness to a TELECOM employee who contracted Neurinoma, a benign but brain-swelling tumor, caused by intensive use without cell phone protections over 15 years for more than 3 hours per day.

onde elettromagnetiche sul cervello

Below,  some Italian judgments and statements related to the object by medical practitioners or healthcare providers:

Prof.DIEGO SERRAINO – Head of Aviano Epidemiology Epidemiology of Aviano said:

“When people talk on a cellphone it is good not to do it for long periods because this can lead to overheating of the ear lobe and the acoustic nerve, a situation that can lead to degeneration and therefore to potential pathologies such as Neuritis, not just tumors.”

The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer of Lyon) suggests reducing exposure, using earbuds and texting. Cellular electromagnetic fields are considered by IARC as Group 2 / B carcinogens for humans, based on an increased risk of developing the glioma, a brain tumor whose frequency was statistically increased with the use of telephones wireless “( 20/04/2017)

SAR after a call of 15 minutes

By Judgment 17438 of 12/10/2012, the Italian Court of Cassation’s Section of Labor granted the 80% disability pension for Mr Innocente Marcolini.
For judges it was the continuous use of the cellphone for work to cause the benign tumor to the left trigeminal (Ganglier Ganglio’s neuron) 12 years of continuous calls for 5/6 hours a day. (Corriere della Sera – cancer window 20/04/2017)

Prof. PAOLO MARIA ROSSINI – Director Institute of Neurology Policlinico Gemelli Rome:
“The Cassation based on the data provided by the WHO, which rated mobile radio frequency emissions among brain tumor neoplasms, when using more than 1 hour per day for 10 consecutive years” ( 15 / 03/2017)

“I speak only about the organ of my competence: the brain. It should be recalled that cellphones produce a bundle of electromagnetic waves that impact the skull from the side where the ear is attached and reach the area of ​​the underlying brain (especially the temporal lobe) during the time of the phone call. “



Each cellphone model has potentially different hazards, based on SAR calculation. SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) expresses the measurement of the percentage of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the human body when exposed to the action of an electromagnetic radio frequency (RF) field. It depends on the person’s “body mass” (weight), and it is therefore much more dangerous in children.

Prof. PAOLO MARIA ROSSINI – Director Institute of Neurology Gemelli Hospital – Rome:
“The Scientific literature about the health risk is very heterogeneous, we consider that WHO has rated mobile cellular radiofrequency emissions among brain cancer cases if used massively.”
While waiting for these studies, I would strongly disagree with the prolonged use of the cell phone at an early age (even in adolescence) and I would always have to use them with the headset inserted. ” ( 15/03/2017)
“The effect of electromagnetic waves on the brain is cumulative”

SAR in children


Our Solution

There is not yet a technology that can prevent the electromagnetic wave bundles propagated by the device into our brains. So PennyApp wants to be the tool to prevent health diseases due to the use of mobile phones.

Nowadays in companies there is a new risk of occupational disease, to which there is no effective protection. Companies will therefore have to deal with more and more cases such as those cited in judgments.

PennyApp, and the PennyPack service package, is geared primarily to all those companies that provide a mobile phone to their employees, but also to private individuals and children who use their mobile phone and care about their own health and those of their loved ones.

PennyApp will monitor both the time spent for the single extended call and the time spent on all the phone calls that the user will make with the cellphone near the head, during the whole day.

With different alarms, the user will be alerted when the previously set security time has been exceeded, inviting him to move the phone away from his ear and continue talking through the handsfree or headset.
PennyApp will ensure that the preset rest time is respected, allowing you to continue the call without alarms only when this is fully respected.

monitors e.w. absorption
PennyApp will provide the user with the ability to track the total time elapsed with the cellphone near the ear on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, allowing him to evaluate the correct use of the cellphone (find out how PennyApp works).

For the industry, the PennyPack package expects to save the collected data safely on the cloud. Collected data will be transmitted daily to servers, stored on a database that is associated with the company and the cell ID and the employee who is using it.
The company may then submit the results to the physician and the security officer who will assess whether the exposure to this risk falls within the established parameters and if it is necessary to modify them and / or intervene with the employee to make proper use of the mobile phone .
Therefore you can consider PennyApp as a real Personal Protective Device, which will allow companies to raise awareness about the damage caused by electromagnetic waves to the brain by delivering a valuable tool to prevent them.
By storing all the data, it will allow companies a concrete control of the actual exposure of the employee to this new risk of professional illness, and if involved in a court action for damages, it will be a valuable tool to demonstrate the real ways of using the company cellphone and the will of the company to have informed and protected its employee. (see the PennyPack offer)

Ultimately, PennyApp is like a small guardian angel that warns the user when he is bombarding his electromagnetic waves excessively and suggests how to avoid it.

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