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Experts call for greater prudence in the use of cell phones since an increase in brain and cranial tumors has been highlighted in mobile phone users. The NCI explains that cell phones emit radiofrequency energy in the form of non-ionizing radiation. In a word, a cellphone allows radio waves to be absorbed by the tissues of the body with which it comes into contact (read our articles about it)

Common habits of today’s society unfortunately expect a massive use of mobile phones, especially in the workplace.  PennyApp strongly believes that a preventative tool is needed to keep E.W. (Electromagnetic Waves) overexposure under control, and therefore we propose the PennyPack service package.

WHY Penny Pack

PennyPack is the package of services offered to companies who want to protect themselves against any problems caused by overexposure to electromagnetic waves. As explained in our articles, prolonged cellular use without precautions (such as handsfree or headset) may cause brain and auditory hearing problems. If your company has staff who spend a lot of time on the phone, you should use a tool that limits their use, avoiding overexposure to electromagnetic waves from phones during phone calls.

penny app business

Business App

penny pack admin

Admin Dashboard


Additional Services

PennyPack includes all the services needed for that, including:

  • PennyApp – business: the branded App customized with your company’s logo and style;
  • Admin Dashboard: through the cloud, you will access everywhere whenever to the Admin Dashboard, where you can set time limits and resting time for your company, under suggestion of the staff physician. Moreover you can consult charts and statistics on the use of the cellphone of your employees. For example, you can see if they exceed the suggested limits, what is the average time they spend on the phone with and without precautions (handsfree or earbuds);
  • Cellphone: if you need it, we can provide you business cellphone with our app pre-installed;
  • Internal VOiP calls: we can integrate our App with your business contacts list, so your employees can VOiP call each other for free

 Secure data on the cloud

Data retrieved (just about durations and state* of the phone calls), will be secure stored on the cloud. They will be readable just for you, or the admin you choose.

*The state is intended as dangerous or not dangerous. Sensitive data as the phonenumbers or the whole call are not recorded in any way by our App,

cloud login

 Day by day

Show details about phone calls duration of your employees. Analyze periodic, average and ream-time* statistics.

*If the employee has internet connection, the admin can see the duration of the current phone call in real-time.

penny app statistiche

Do you want PennyPack for your company?

Contact us and we will make you a customized offer. It will depend on the number of employee of your company, and on the services you want to include in the service package.